Saturday, October 15, 2011

World Record beating 100 year old runner!

100 Year old runner - Fauja Singh
OK, so this has nothing to do with cycling or bike tours in any way but I think it definitely qualifies as extreme so I had to post this. I read an article about Fauja Singh on Sky News

Fauja is a 100 year old (yes you read that right) runner who holds world records in his age category and is looking to gain a new world record in the Toronto marathon. He already holds world records in sprint events.

This guy is an inspiration and should go down in history as a legend. I can only hope that I firstly reach his age and secondly that I am still fit and active at that age.

This reminds me of a mentality I try and use about not giving up and I get the inspiration from Henry Ford - "He who stops learning whether at 20 or 80 is old". That is pretty profound but I think it is also very true and I try and employ that when biking long distances when my body just wants to give up and my mind is also trying to make me do the same.

Read more about Fauja Singh and his records on Sky News.

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