Monday, October 3, 2011

Stillwater MN to Taylors Falls MN - 65 Mile round trip

Map route Taken

Stillwater MN - Historic Bridge over the St.Croix River

Total Miles: 65
Time: 4 Hours 10 Mins
Average Speed: 15.6 MPH

This was a simple route just out of Stillwater MN on 95 North and then east on county 8 for a brief period. Unfortunately it rained quite heavily on this ride, it was just starting to rain a little when I left and then the heavens opened for the majority of the ride.

Taylors Falls, MN - Campground Route

Arriving at the camp ground route in Taylors Falls MN gave some shelter from the rain. There is an interstate park which has some nice trails leading up to the pot holes which are an interesting geographic feature. This area is very beautiful and picturesque, it was just a shame on this ride it was raining heavily.

To make myself more visible I had tied my yellow high visibility jacket around my rear pannier with the reflector showing at the rear. I also had two separate rear lights on for the rain.

Upon hitting one of the off-road trails around  the interstate park my high visibility jacket and worked lose and one of the arms get wrapped up in the wheel and rear chain set. This smeared oil all over my jacket and slightly ripped the bottom. This is a good reminder to make sure there is nothing hanging that can catch on the wheels.

With nicer weather this would have been a really nice ride, as it was raining it was just a good ride.

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