Saturday, October 1, 2011

Welcome to my blog - all about biking

Welcome to my blog, I created this for several reasons. It is intended for the following purposes

  • A how to about mike touring
  • A collection of my own tours and rides (always a work in-progress)
  • A training record
  • A guide to bike set ups and gear
  • Information on what you can do with a bike (pretty much anything)
I started really getting into bikes a couple of years ago around the end of 2009 (when I was 27). A always used to be into mountain biking as a kid and was a serious athlete at long distance running until my mid-late teen years.

Test run 2 weeks before my first bike tour
I then let myself get out of shape and didn't really get back into shape again until I started biking everywhere! The biggest misconception many people have about bike touring and extreme cycling is that you have to be super fit - you don't! You will be amazed as the miles fly by and feel an extreme sense of satisfaction after every goal you achieve.

Biking has several positive benefits;

  • You don't spend money on gas
  • You don't need a car (no matter how much you think you do)
  • You don't have any of the associated motoring expenses
  • It is a free fitness work out / gym membership
  • It is great for the environment (this was the initial reason I started biking again)
  • You get to see tons of stuff you otherwise wouldn't
  • A great sense of achievement after every goal
  • The look on people's faces when they say you road how far ???? !!!! - is priceless!
Mountains 10 miles west of Genoa, Italy

In this blog I will cover how to prepare for a bike tour, what bike gear to use and how to set it up,  how to train and what works for different types of riding and just general coverage on my own rides.

In here you will find information on the following things I have done and what I have planned

Bikes at Zurich, Switzerland Airport

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