Saturday, October 20, 2012

I just got my new Trek Wahoo 29er (2012). My first impressions are good, its quite a long bike but the geometry is stable at speed over rough ground, which is one of the 29ers main points. It shifts really well through the 24 gears.

2012 Trek Wahoo 29er
I have heard some comments about the saddle being uncomfortable and I can see where they come from. This is never an issue for me but it is one of the less comfortable saddles I have used.

The suspension is good in compression but if feels like the rebound damping is too soft and not progressive, but I guess it doe a good job of holding the terrain.

The discs brakes also feel fairly weak although they are still bedding in.

I have wanted this bike for some time and prefer the 2012 color scheme to the 2013 version. I would recommend this bike as an entry level 29er having most of the main components that you would want for a pretty good price.

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